Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Tips on How to Stop Spammers

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First airing on 2nd August 2001, this casino podcast covers tips on how to stop spammers. More information on the Arcada Casino issue in withholding $100,000 win from a player and the issue concerning Danish Players and the Vegas Strip Casino group.

The pod also revisits how  players can  spot a rogue casino that is out to scam players. Still very good advice today in 2019 as it was back in 2001.


How to Stop Spammers

If you don’t like spam, Bryan provides details of, which was site that helps visitors combat spam. It provided ip whois, ns lookups and trace routes. Similar to which has been around for a long time and Spamhaus.

Spam was a massive problem back in the early noughties and there were not the sophisticated applications and websites that there are now in 2019, to help people combat all forms of spam.

We have checked and does no longer exist, but to be honest, that is no surprise. 18 years is a long long time when it comes to the internet.

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