Licensing Jurisdictions

Casino Gazette provides our visitors with an overview of the main remote licensing jurisdictions where online casinos and iGaming sites operate from.

Obviously as we have just relaunched Casino Gazette and with it coming out of mothballs after some 16 years, not every offshore licensing territory is currently listed.

Therefore we have started the Licensing Jurisdictions section of the site, featuring the main such jurisdictions currently regulating iGaming operators.

Fear not though, this list will be expanded in the coming days and months, with our aim to eventually provide information on all iGaming Licensing Jurisdictions.

Why are Licensing Jurisdictions Important?

So what is the purpose and importance of licensing jurisdictions as far as players are concerned? Quite simply, the territory and jurisdiction where an operator of an online casino is based, should provide reassurance to players or in some cases raise a very large red flag.

Regulatory authorities not only ensure that operators are compliant with all and any regulatory rules in place. But they also offer recourse for players at online casinos, should a dispute between a player and casino arise.

Some regulatory authorities such as the UK’s Gambling Commission also have an approved list of ADR’s ( Alternative Dispute Resolution ) which their licensees have to to sign up to using at least one.


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