Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Spelinspektionen – Swedish Gambling Authority

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Spelinspektionen the Swedish Gambling Authority is the regulator responsible for overseeing iGaming operators in the country of Sweden. Like the UK Gambling Commission, Spelinspektionen have over the past few years gained a strong reputation for enforcing their jurisdiction strictly.

If you are a regular reader of the iGaming News which we report on here at Casino Gazette, you may have well come across Spelinspektionen, as they have been very high profile when it comes to enforcing their regulatory environment.

Several operators over the past few months have received warnings or financial penalties from the Swedish regulator, as they continue to ensure that their rules and regulations are adhered to.

Indeed, in June 2019, the owners and operators of Ninja Casino, Global Gaming, has their license to operate in the country revoked. All operators who wish to attract customers from Sweden are required to apply for a license from Spelinspektionen.

In our considered view here at Casino Gazette, Spelinspektionen are a solid upstanding regulator, with player safety and protection at the forefront of their mind. Any and all casino operations which have been awarded a license to operate in Sweden are considered to be decent iGaming operators.

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