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Casinomeister introduces new Code of Conduct for Affiliates

The leading online casino player advocate Casinomeister has published a new code of conduct for affiliate webmasters who participate in their popular online forum. Previously members of the forum Webmeister Group were able to display signatures containing outbound links to the sites that they own or operate, however, with the changes to the code of conduct, this has now fallen by the wayside.

Instead members of good standing who are webmasters, now get a dedicated page on the Casinomeister site, showcasing their site, with a written description of up to 200 words. This dedicated page will also link out to the site owned by the forum member.

With regards the signature links within the forum on Casinomeister, members can now instead link out to their dedicated page on the Casinomeister site. In return, all designated ‘Casinomeister Webmeisters’, who have a page showcasing their site on Casinomeister, will be required to  display the ‘Casinomeister Webmeister Seal’ within the footer on their site.

The code of conduct has been rewritten accordingly to take into account the above and also to provide guidelines as to what types of sites are acceptable to be featured and thus attain ‘Casinomeister Webmeister’ status.

For reference, these are:

  • The webmaster will not promote casinos that habitually prey on problem gamblers.
  • The webmaster will do his or her due diligence and ensure that the casinos they promote are using properly licensed software (i.e. no pirated copies of games, etc.)
  • The webmaster will not violate or infringe on other’s copyrights, trademarks, or any intellectual property.
  • The webmaster will not cheat affiliate programs by sending bogus traffic – complaints submitted from affiliate managers will be looked into.
  • The webmaster will not promote casinos in an unethical manner (spam, scraping, unethical references i.e cure your cancer by winning big, avoid COVID-19 and play here now, etc.)
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