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August 2020 Meister Webcast

Wear the Freaking Mask! Plus Bierfest....mmmmmmm BEEEEEER!!! FREE BEEEEEEEEER!

The latest instalment of the Casinomeister Webcast sees Bryan discuss the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic which is continuing to cause deaths around the globe as well as trashing the economies of countries globally.

Why are some people, particularly those who live in the US refusing to wear a mask? It is a straightforward inconvenience which can help stop the spread of the virus. Yet a large minority are refusing to comply, with their inaction to wear a mask putting others at risk.

Another area touched upon is the recent tweaking to the design of the main site of Casinomeister, with the home page layout getting a new awesome look, thanks to the tech team working their magic behind the scenes. Well worth checking out for yourself!

Lastly but most importantly, it is that time of year again, which mean free beer is up for grabs with the annual summer bierfest at Casinomeister. Good luck and wishing you lots of beer!

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Simon Wright

Simon has been working within the iGaming Industry for some 20 years now. Whereby he has built up a wealth of knowledge in this area during this time. As well as being a main contributor for Casino Gazette, Simon also writes and reports for

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