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SafeBet Watchdog Site – Casino Podcast 5th July 2001

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Casinomeister Podcast that first aired on 5th July 2001, topics covered include cool tips, what is new at Casinomeister, casinos to avoid and casinos to check out. Another chance to win fifty bucks as well.

21 minutes long and beginning with a myth that has been circulating a long time concerning beer in Germany! The myth is that Germans drink warm beer.


Apparently this is completely untrue and Casinomeister alleges the only people that drink warm beer are the Brits! That is 50 push ups right there Bryan!

Who can you trust and who not to trust when it comes to online casinos? A valid question in 2019 as much as it was in 2001. Although nowadays there is proper regulation in place in many territories. Indeed some may say the iGaming industry has gone from the wild west to over regulation. UKGC anyone?

SafeBet Watchdog Site

The watchdog site SafeBet is covered, a non-profit independent fair gaming organisation. Having just checked, this site is still online with a copyright message from 1998 – 2018. Although it does not seem to have any list of members on the site, perhaps it has fallen by the wayside at some point during the last 18 years.

Nope, wrong! As it transpires Safebet and Real Time Gaming are one and the same. A supposed watchdog site owned and operated by RTG, vouching for their own sites no less.

It transpires RTG finally let the domain lapse back in 2004 and it was subsequently picked up by an affiliate webmaster, who is using it to this very day to link out to one of his own casino portals. Hence no linkage from Casino Gazette.

This was how things were done back in the day, in the early noughties! Safebet turned out to not be too safe and it is still live and online to this day, although no longer owned by RTG.

Casino Podcast 5th July 2001

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