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MGA trusts in Asensi Technologies as laboratory for certifying productions

MGA Games and Asensi Technologies have reached a collaboration agreement for the certification of games which the developer offers in Spain.

Both companies have been working together since late 2019 in the certification of MGA Games’ famous slots and video bingos – essential games in the current online slots scene.

Examples of these games which are already certified by the Asensi Technologies laboratory include Jessica Weaver and Samantha Fox – from the Hyperrealism’ Series; as well as Arévalo and Leticia Sabater Show – from the Spanish Celebrities series.

With this union, MGA Games and Asensi Technologies demonstrate once again their commitment to local products; with clear support based on the knowledge and experience that the two companies and their respective teams have aquired through years in the online gaming industry.

Amongst other aspects, this knowledge of the sector is reflected in their proven ability to develop specific solutions for the industry; in knowing what players want, and also in making policies and processes adapted and appropriate for technical regulatory compliance.

In addition, in the case of this alliance, all these advantages come together so that the slots and video bingos from MGA Games, once certified for Spain, can be easily adapted for other regulated markets.

Aurora Merino, CEO of Asensi Technologies, has stated that “It is a pleasure and an honour for us to work with MGA Games in the Spanish market in the certification of such innovative, entertaining, and original games as theirs”.

In addition, she noted, “during this time, the MGA Games team have shown us that they really concern themselves with regulatory and technical compliance in regulated markets”, and this, Merina has assured “always makes our job easier”.

Meanwhile Joan Sanahuja, CEO of MGA Games, has commented that “Working with Asensi Technologies is a strategic decision in which MGA Games want to assure meticulous adherence to the regulations. Asensi Technologies is certifying 100% of MGA Games’ products as well as helping us to internationalise them”.

In addition, “Asensi Technologies is one of the most well-known laboratories in the country and has an excellent team of professionals who provide the bonus of trust and recognition to our games” he added.

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