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Golden Lucky Cat Video Bingo

Spanish developers MGA Games have announced the release of their latest online video bingo game Golden Lucky Cat

Luck is on the side of operators and their clients. Golden Lucky Cat is here, the new video bingo created by MGA Games, themed as the popular lucky cat whose golden color attracts fortune in business.

The most popular good luck charm from Japan, China, and many other countries around the world, is transformed into a state-of-the-art video bingo with the highest technology that allows users enjoy their entertainment from any device and anywhere, without losing an inch of quality and fun.

The reputation of MGA Games for the development of video bingos crossed borders long time ago, and players from many Latin American countries already enjoy their range of products, coined with the term Latin Fiesta Series.

A range of video bingos of outstanding design and excellent quality graphics that, additionally, achieve the reduction of waiting times thanks to their sequential load which, together with their concept of Triple View, make them an ideal product for mobile.

With this launch, online casino operators will have the best technological innovations from MGA Games. Innovations that have precisely earned the company to be nominated as a finalist for the EGR B2B 2020 Awards in the Innovation in Mobile category.

Golden Lucky Cat also includes 3 dynamic and entertaining mini-games with which users will visit landscapes and the characteristic symbology of Japan, and fortune may be on their side at the bonus games.

The video bingo has 60 balls in the cage and 30 balls drawn, 1 to 4 tickets with 3 lines and 5 columns, and 16 different prize patterns. In addition, 14 extra balls with wildcard ball so users can replace the number that interests them most and, this way, increase their chances of winning a prize.

The new Latin Fiesta Series by MGA Games was released into the Spanish market on Monday, 1 June, and will be available to international operators on 22 June, 2020.

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