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Social Media Monitor launched by Rightlander

The online compliance specialists Rightlander has launched the Social Media Monitor which automates the analysis of content across social media platforms to ensure marketing partners, such as affiliates, are adhering to regulatory, partnership and branding guidelines.

The Rightlander Social Media Monitor has been developed to detect the presence of brands in @mentions, #hashtags and keywords in posts and tweets on some of the most popular social media platforms.

The technology checks for infractions such as misleading marketing or content that may not meet regulatory standards in markets such as iGaming and Finance.

In addition, Rightlander can monitor over 40,000 established influencers for mentions of a client’s brand. The Influencer Monitor service will instantly report any use of the brand, whether they are aware of it or not. Results are made available to Rightlander clients through an enterprise grade online portal for efficient review and remediation.

Currently clients can monitor Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube with additional platforms available on request. Rightlander Social Media Monitor can be used by organisations in any industry sector and will provide the governance needed to accept social media traffic with confidence.

Ian Sims, founder of, said “Increasing use of social platforms and a fast turnover of engagement have presented significant challenges to affiliate compliance departments. By integrating new social data sources and running the content discovered through our compliance matching algorithms, we are now able to catch transient compliance issues across Instagram stories, Telegram, Twitter Snapchat and other popular platforms and integrate them into our multi-channel affiliate compliance monitoring solution.”

Social media is the latest in a line of online marketing channels that Rightlander is able to monitor for affiliate marketing compliance worldwide. Other channels include websites, email, Telegram, video streaming and PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads.

For more information on the Social Media Monitor, please contact Jonathan Elkin [email protected]

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