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Playtech upgrades IMS Solution

Playtech have integrated Affordability UK into their IMS Platform to support Operators meeting Regulatory Requirements

Casino gaming giant Playtech have today announced the integration of Affordability UK into their IMS Platform, providing their operators with further enhancements, to ensure they continue to meet regulatory requirements.

Affordability UK which is provided by TruNarrative, is able to identify those customers whose gambling spend may be unsustainable. Further strengthening in the process operators’s tools to ensure customers are playing within their means.

Playtech’s Compliance Officer Ian Ince, commenting on the integration of Affordability UK onto their industry leading platform, said: “As regulatory requirements around the sustainability and affordability of gambling become ever-more stringent, we want to ensure we can empower operators to meet these requirements and protect their players.”

“TruNarrative’s specialist safer gambling services have quickly made them a core partner for Playtech – and now, with Affordability UK, we can offer a sophisticated, market-leading solution, backed by some of the most comprehensive data available. Backed by IMS integration, it can deliver a seamless experience for operators.”

While John Lord the Chief Executive Officer at TruNarrative added: “Since partnering with Playtech earlier this year, we’ve been able to bring a vast array of specialist services to their customers, and we’re delighted to be adding Affordability UK to that list.”

“Affordability UK offers unique insight into a player’s ability to afford their bets, as well minimising the requirement for physical payslips and document submissions, creating a low-friction experience.”

“We’re confident it will become a vital part of any operator’s toolset in their drive to meet and exceed UKGC expectations around safer gambling.”

Adhering to regulatory rules and regulations is an area which all operators take seriously, especially as non-compliance has seen bodies such as the UKGC mete out very large fines.

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