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Men jailed in Dubai for Organising Gambling Games

Three men have been fined and imprisoned in Dubai after being found guilty of organising gambling games in the streets of the City, whereby they would lure passers by in to play them, but subsequently rigging them in their favour.

The men were arrested by police on 1st May after being spotted luring in a passer-by into playing their rigged game. The three men, two Pakistani nationals and one Indian national aged between 25 – 48, would profit up to Dh500 ( $135 USD ) after each game.

Upon arresting the the three men, the police also seized Dh1000 ( $270 USD ) and also confiscated the ‘loaded’ cards that they were using to cheat and defraud innocent individuals lured into the playing their game.

A spokesman for the police in Dubai said: “When we checked, we found out that they were cheating and all the betters had lost their money. Each one of them had a specific role: one lured people, one dealt the cards, and the third claimed to be a winning player to encourage other men to participate.”

Upon questioning the trio admitted the offence, however, when their case came to trial at Dubai Criminal Court, the three men denied the charges levelled at them. All three men who were visiting Dubai on a standard visitors visa, were found guilty and sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and fined Dh100,000  ( $27,225 USD ) each. Once they have served their sentences they will deported from the country.

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