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Enteractive reactivates 10,000 players in one month

(Re)Activation Cloud provider reaches historic milestone in July

Enteractive, the leader in player reactivation and retention for iGaming brands, has announced that in the month of July, over 10,000 players were activated or re-activated for Enteractive’s operator partners through the (Re)Activation Cloud platform.

The July milestone is a continuation of the strong Q1 and Q2 growth the company has experienced where the number of activated or re-activated players in Q2 rose over 200% in Q2 compared to 2019. The 10,000 players were either activated to make their first deposit, or re-activated making a deposit after some time of inactivity.

Benefiting from this milestone are Enteractive’s operator partners, seeing player retention and revenues increase from dormant players becoming active again or churned players coming back.

Traffic driving operator partners, such as strategic affiliates, will benefit as well, since Enteractive also delivers improved retention with affiliate-tagged players.

The growth comes as a result of Enteractive’s deployment of their proprietary tech platform, (Re)Activation Cloud, which launched in 2019.

The platform streamlines the process of integrating inactive player databases from operators and enables Enteractive’s agents to engage in 1:1 personal conversations with those players, forging strong customer relationships, monitoring for gambling risks and inviting players back.

It’s also a result of the deepening of Enteractive’s partnership with operators, some ongoing for over ten years, where data exchange and processes are constantly improved.

Additionally, another milestone was reached last week with the company welcoming its 100th employee, doubling the firm’s size from 2019.

Enteractive currently works with more than 50 different brands in the iGaming sector, and before the end of the year, the company plans to expand into several new markets, building on its global reach confirmed already in 2020 by launches in Romania, Japan, Peru, and Brazil.

Mikael Hansson, Founder & CEO, commented, “The last two years have put Enteractive on a solid upward trajectory, thanks to the amazing work by all our teams, from our (Re)Activation agents to our tech development team.”

“As we pass the 10,000 deposits per month mark, it just goes to show that players across all markets react well to Enteractive’s two-way conversational approach. Operators not going the extra mile with personalisation are missing out on improved revenue and bottom line profits.”

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