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Affiliate Program Value Report from The Pogg

Heads up all affiliates working in iGaming, as the respected site ‘The Pogg’ have in the past few days released their ‘Affiliate Program Value Report’, encompassing very interesting data and statistics collated over the past three years.

Providing a comprehensive analysis of player value per iGaming program covered, The Pogg have done a great job in crunching the numbers and thus providing a very real insight as to to value of each program from an affiliates perspective.

One aspect of the report that piqued our interest, is the ‘Average Player Value’ table, alongside that of the ‘Sign Up Efficiency’ of each program covered. Both very important areas if you are an iGaming affiliate. With the ‘Sign Up Efficiency’ providing the average number of click thrus required to generate a sign up.

All in all the report is a must read if you work in the iGaming sector as an affiliate, or indeed work for one of the many programs covered by the report.

To access the report, you can do so by clicking this link here.

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Simon Wright

Simon has been working within the iGaming Industry for some 20 years now. Whereby he has built up a wealth of knowledge in this area during this time. As well as being a main contributor for Casino Gazette, Simon also writes and reports for

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