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bet365 remove German Gaming Products

Stoke based gaming giant bet365 are exiting Germany, apart from their sports betting product which is to remain. In an email communication to their affiliate marketing partners, bet365 have advised all of their affiliates to remove any marketing material prior to 30th December 2019. With the email also stating that as from that date only sports betting will be available to customers in Germany.

The email sent out to their affiliates goes on to state: “We’ll be removing all offers, links etc. today as we don’t want to be in a position where customers are claiming offers over the next week but won’t be able to use the products next week. You’ll therefore notice that all German Gaming banners and promo text will be replaced in the system with Sports later today.”

“With the above in mind can you please arrange for any promotion of any of bet365’s non-Sports products in German to be removed from your sites by Monday 30thDecember? Please note that the Gaming products will still be available in Austria.”

This move by bet365 comes just days before new regulatory changes come into affect in Germany on 1st January 2020. Thus the group which are headquartered in Stoke, England, are ensuring they are compliant with the new changes that come into force.

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