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All-in Global launches the first AI Translation Service for iGaming

Fast and cost-effective solution aimed at operators, game developers, affiliates, platform providers, and esports organisations

All-in Global – the industry-leading language service provider – has debuted an AI-powered translation solution specifically calibrated for online gaming, sports betting and esports.

All-in’s AI Translation + Human Post-Editing solution was designed to leverage the greater volumes and shorter turnaround times that are becoming the new normal thanks to the rapidly increasing content needs within the digital sphere.

It uses the most advanced Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology powered by AI combined with human post-editing to allow organisations to create content at scale that is perfectly translated for specific markets in the fastest, most cost-efficient way.

All-in has been providing a wide variety of language services to the industry for more than 13 years, being in a unique position to offer a fine-tuned engine with gaming terminology.

All-in’s engines are trained with specific relevant data as opposed to public domain translations like Google – which are trained with generic data.

In addition to that, their solution also guarantees utmost safety of client data by using an SLL encrypted channel for all translation activities. Their encrypted proprietary engine solution prevents any data leaks.

The value of their AI solution is enhanced by combining the speed and the ability to deal with large volumes brought by AI translations with the gaming expertise of Human post-editors who are native-speaking localisation experts in the sectors All-in specialises in: iGaming, sports betting, sports, esports, and fintech.

This solution is ideal in cases where the budget factor, time or high volume might play a decisive role in choosing the best translation option. It allows organisations to create and translate content at scale and quickly while still ensuring the Human accuracy of the translation.

Turn-around times can be up to 40% shorter, and due to the attractive price of the service, it can be 40% more cost-effective than the traditional translation option.

It’s a 40/40 formula that promises to cause impact on the time-to-market speed. This is a complete solution that can easily be integrated with API’s and other connectivity features to turn the localisation management into a much easier process.

AI Translations + Human Post-Editing is currently offered in the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (European), French (Canada), German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (European), Spanish (European), Spanish (Mexico) Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Thai. New languages will be added over time.

Roy Pedersen, All-in Global’s founder, said: “After witnessing how quickly our neural translation engines learned to produce high-quality output, I quickly brushed off my doubts about using artificial intelligence for content related to betting, casino and esports. The accuracy is simply remarkable.”

“With that said, we still recommend using human translators exclusively for creative texts with a marketing appeal. But for high volume projects this is a perfect way for our clients to unlock their full potential and have their goals met.”

“As far as we know, we are the first company to offer an AI translation service crafted specifically for the operators, developers, platform providers, and affiliates within the gaming industry.”

 “Welcome to the revolution of iGaming localisation!”   

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