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Ayre Ventures looking to invest in Gaming Blockchain Tech

The gambling industry is a paradox. The entire gambling industry was built on risk; be it risk on a sports team or a dealer drawing a five-card 21 to beat a 20. That risk doesn’t regularly carry over to innovation despite the gambling industry employing some of the most innovative minds in technology.

There are great innovators in the space and the Ayre Group is looking to make their innovations ready for the mainstream of the gambling industry. If your company is building gambling or gaming applications, or any applications that support the industry, such as payment solutions or backend platforms, the Ayre Group want to hear about it.

The Ayre Group is exclusively providing investment into companies building on Bitcoin SV, the only regulation-friendly public blockchain that has successfully scaled to the point where it is ready for enterprise adoption today.

The Bitcoin SV blockchain capable of handling an unlimited number of transactions. Unlimited transactions allow you to record every Super Bowl bet, or you can record every spin of the slot machines across your white labelled brands. All this data can could be used to share with your regulators or used by your marketing team to provide better offerings to your players. The best part is that you can do all of this for a tiny fraction of a penny per transaction.

Calvin Ayre commented: “I was there when the online gaming industry was created. I see the same thing happening with the original Bitcoin BSV ecosystem, but even more significant and with a massively positive impact on society.”

“Bitcoin will touch all areas of life, but I am especially happy to see the things it can do in the industry of my roots, online gaming. I want to fund start-ups that share my passion for the industry we all love.”

For companies to have the best chance of securing investment from the Ayre Group, please remember to send an investor pack, including business plan, financials and a pitch deck. The Ayre Group prefers companies that are currently in the marketplace or have a working demo and just need a cash influx to bring their solution to the next level.

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